Honor Magic 6 Pro Review | Best Features/specs

Honor Magic 6 Pro Review | Best Features/specs

The Honor Magic 6 Pro is another 6.8in Android Mega git following hot on the heels of fellow chunkers like the Samsung Galaxy s24 Ultra so if you owner of baggy Pockets stuffed full of lovely cash and you want to swap some of that cash for a massive phone we’ve already got lots of choices I’ve been using the magic 6 Pro as my full-time phone for a week testing out the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 Performance the massive battery that upgraded camera setup with a bunkers 180-megapixel telephoto shooter and lots of other nifty features so here’s my full honor magic 6 Pro review and for more on the latest and greatest Tech please do subscribe cheers now there’s no denying this



  • Good Grip: Despite its weight, the rounded corners and textured back (eco-leather) make it comfortable to hold.
  • Responsive Screen: The display works well even when wet or with wet fingers.
  • Reliable Fingerprint Sensor: The in-display fingerprint sensor is dependable.
  • Water and Dust Resistant: The phone has an IP68 rating, making it resistant to water and dust.


  • Heavy: The phone is heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra.
  • Chunky Bezels: The bezels around the screen are thick.
  • Gesture Navigation Issues: Swiping up for navigation can sometimes be misinterpreted as typing on the keyboard.

Magic OS & features

On the positive side, the phone boasts several user-friendly features:

  • Comfortable in hand: Despite its weight, the reviewer appreciates the rounded edges and textured eco-leather back, which provide a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Unfazed by moisture: The display remains responsive even when wet or touched with damp fingers, making it practical for various situations.
  • Reliable fingerprint sensor: The in-display fingerprint sensor is praised for its dependability, ensuring quick and secure phone unlocking.
  • Built to withstand the elements: The phone’s IP68 rating signifies its resistance to water and dust, offering peace of mind in various environments.

However, the review also identifies some aspects that could be improved:

  • Weighty presence: Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, the Magic 6 Pro feels noticeably heavier, which some users might find cumbersome.
  • Bezels that stand out: The bezels surrounding the screen are considered thick by the reviewer, potentially affecting the phone’s sleekness for some users.
  • Gesture navigation hiccups: The reviewer encountered occasional issues with gesture navigation, where swiping up for navigation could be misinterpreted as typing on the keyboard, causing inconvenience.

Display & audio


  • Large and immersive: The phone features a sizable OLED panel with a high 2800×1280 resolution, offering an expansive and enjoyable viewing experience for users who consume a lot of multimedia content.
  • Superb brightness: The display is lauded for its exceptional brightness, making it easily readable even in bright outdoor conditions.
  • Smooth visuals: The 120Hz refresh rate, coupled with LTPO technology, ensures smooth and responsive visuals, enhancing the overall user experience, especially when scrolling through content or gaming.
  • Pleasing colors: The default color mode strikes a good balance, delivering clean whites and bold tones that are visually appealing for most users.


  • Adequate for everyday use: The phone’s stereo speakers are considered acceptable for casual music listening and watching videos, providing a basic level of audio quality for everyday use.
  • Enhanced headphone experience: The DTS Ultra support offers the potential for improved audio quality when using headphones, catering to users who prioritize a more immersive listening experience.
  • Customizable sound: The ability to adjust the audio output based on the type of headphones connected allows users to fine-tune the sound to their preferences.

Battery life

  • Large battery capacity: The phone boasts a substantial 5,600 mAh battery, which is considered a significant improvement over the previous generation.
  • Excellent battery life: The reviewer reports consistently ending most days with at least 30% battery remaining after a full charge, even with mixed usage that includes intensive activities like gaming and camera use.
  • Impressive screen-on time: The user typically achieves 7-8 hours of screen-on time on a single charge, which is a solid indicator of the phone’s battery efficiency.
  • Fast charging: The Magic 6 Pro supports 80W wired charging, allowing for quicker charging compared to the previous model. This can be particularly beneficial for users who need to top up their phones quickly.
  • Wireless charging option: For those who prefer wireless charging, the phone also supports 66W wireless charging, offering a convenient and relatively fast alternative.


  • Main camera: 50MP sensor with OIS, variable aperture, good low-light performance, automatic motion capture (unreliable).
  • Periscope zoom: 180MP sensor, lags behind competitors in zoom range.
  • Ultra-wide camera: Decent in low light, struggles in evenings.
  • Video: Up to 4K resolution, good stabilization.
  • Front camera: 50MP sensor with Time-of-Flight sensor, good for facial recognition but requires stillness for clear photos.

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