oneplus watch 2 Review: Wear OS

oneplus watch 2 Review

OnePlus Watch 2 Review: has garnered mixed reviews, primarily due to its sizable form factor. While this might not be ideal for everyone, the watch packs a punch with its feature set, potentially appealing to specific users. Let’s delve deeper into its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

OnePlus Watch 2 Design:

Though the OnePlus Watch 2’s dramatic appearance may not be to everyone’s taste, its size is matched with definite advantages. The stainless steel chassis, weighing 80g, is one of the biggest “small” smartwatches at 47mm. Users usually get used to the pleasant weight of the phone without its initial bulk, which luckily doesn’t go as ridiculous as some idea phones.

The watch has a luxurious feel and appearance, even though its size may not be suitable for thin hands. This is especially true given its affordable pricing when compared to other Wear OS competitors. The reviewer praises the green strap that is offered, pointing out how well it complements the overall design.

OnePlus Watch 2 with the OHealth App:

Continuing from the previous excerpt, the reviewer explains the pairing process for the OnePlus Watch 2

  1. Download the OHealth App: To link the watch, you must download the OHealth app to your smartphone.
  2. Straightforward Pairing: The reviewer defines the pairing process as “nice and easy,” implying that it is easy to understand and operate.
  3. OHealth App Functionality: After pairing, the OHealth app gives you access to some settings and features, including:
  4. Watch Face Customization: Modify the face of your watch to customize your experience.
  5. General UI Layout: modify the arrangement of the general user interface of the watch.
  6. App Notifications: Control the applications that can alert your watch.
  7. Health Data Management: Synced from the watch, access to view all of your health data, including heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, and more.

OnePlus Watch 2 Display:

A large viewing area and easy interaction with the information display are provided by the 1.43-inch AMOLED display of the OnePlus Watch 2. While the reviewer notices the presence of bezels, he does not consider them to be too invasive. The display has a sharp 466 x 466 resolution, which translates to a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in crisp and clear images. Smaller fonts don’t affect the readability of the text.

Its good viewing angles also make it possible to see well on the display no matter where you are looking at it. Excellent reading is guaranteed even in direct sunshine because of the peak brightness of almost 1,000 nits. According to the reviewer, the auto-brightness function works flawlessly, automatically adapting to ambient light levels for the best viewing experience. This extends to good low-light performance since the display dims suitably in the evenings to reduce eye strain.

Finally, the OnePlus Watch 2 display appears to be a huge and colorful canvas that is well-suited to a variety of functions and information consumption. The user experience is enhanced by its large size, thin bezels, crisp images, broad viewing angles, high brightness, and efficient auto-brightness.

Wear OS on the OnePlus Watch 2:

Highlighting its features and personalization choices, the reviewer delves into Wear OS on the OnePlus Watch 2. Notifications, audio controls, and settings are all accessible with swipe motions. You can type your responses using the on-screen keyboard or by speaking. Although there were issues with the pre-launch software, these should be fixed in later releases. The Wear OS provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface, making the whole experience pleasant.

Watch faces OnePlus Watch 2:

With more than 20 pre-installed watch faces (analog, digital, and sporty) and customizable colors and complexities (accessing functions and information), the OnePlus Watch 2 is sure to please. Additional downloads are available via the Play Store and up to 80 more via the OHealth app.

Performance OnePlus Watch 2:

The OnePlus Watch 2 has a unique feature that sets it apart from other smartwatches: it has two separate processors and two different operating systems. This allows the watch to achieve a much longer battery life than most other smartwatches. The watch claims to get 100 hours of battery life in “Smart Mode”, which is the default mode. However, the reviewer was only able to get about 50 hours of battery life with the always-on display turned on. Even so, this is still significantly longer than most other smartwatches on the market.

The reviewer was impressed with the overall performance of the OnePlus Watch 2 and believes that it is a good value for the price.

Battery life OnePlus Watch 2:

With its longer battery life than most of its Wear OS competitors, the OnePlus Watch 2 excels. Impressive results are attributed to its unique dual chipset and OS configuration, 500 mAh battery, and efficient modes. With the majority of functions enabled and the display always on for three days, the reviewer’s experience is further extended by the power-saving and sleep modes. Using the provided dock or a regular USB-C connection for fast charging enhances convenience.

Specifications OnePlus Watch 2 Specification
Display1.43-inch AMOLED, 466 x 466 resolution (326 PPI)
ChipsetBES2700 (low-power) + Snapdragon Wear W5 Gen 1
Operating SystemWear OS 4 + RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)
Memory2GB RAM, 32GB storage
Connectivity5 ATMs (up to 50 meters)
Durability810H military-grade certification
Water Resistance5 ATM (up to 50 meters)
Size and Weight47mm diameter, 13.9mm thickness, 80g

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