Map: The states in favor of daylight saving time all year long

Map: The states in favor of daylight saving time all year long

We look into the fascinating collection of states that choose for following daylight saving time all year long in this online article. Ready to be impressed!

The Sunshine State, Florida, is celebrated for its beautiful beaches, but did you know that it also supports daylight saving time around the year? Find out why this choice was made.

Initially, Idaho, a potato-loving state, switched to year-round daylight saving time. Learn the reasons for this choice and how it will affect the locals.

A different viewpoint on year-round daylight saving time is provided by Wyoming. Study the effects this change has on the people's quality of life and the dark night in the state.

There is an agreement across some West Coast states to have daylight saving time in effect all year round. Find out what connects them together and the benefits they have.

Hawaii is one example to the rule, but it has good reason not to follow the DST. Discover the history and unique qualities of Hawaii's universal paradise.

Find more about the benefits that states receive economically from implementing year-round daylight saving time, as well as how it impacts travel and commerce.